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I offer EFT (Tapping), Matrix ReImprinting, and ADHD services to heal trauma, reduce overwhelm and procrastination, and bring Peace of mind to your business and your life.

EFT tapping - corner of eye
EFT Tapping

EFT – Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT or Tapping, has been around for decades, is a safe, quick, and extremely effective modality to relieve trauma of many sorts, including PTSD.

Still, it may be misunderstood by many who think that it’s just too woo-woo.

In reality, EFT combines the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy with the stimulation of the acupressure points and energy meridians to directly affect the part of your brain called the amygdala, where the subconscious of the brain resides.

This process creates new neural pathways in the brain, go-around tracks of thought, so that you can easily let go of whatever is in your way. Unlocking your potential is easier that you think.


This amazing technique is actually scientifically proven for treating trauma, phobias, resentments, bullying, and PTSD in just a few sessions.


It’s effectiveness is recognize by mainstream organizations such as:

  • In 2014, the Veterans Association named EFT Tapping as the most effective, non-medical, modality for returning vets with PTSD. One trial found that 90% of veterans were free of symptoms after having 6 hour-long tapping sessions, which did not reoccur. (Geronilla et al., 2016).


  • In 2017, the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system, with more than 10 million members annually in the US, recently established guidelines for using EFT Tapping for patients diagnosed with PTSD.



You don’t have to have been in a military war zone to have PTSD.

If you have grown up with active addiction, codependency, bullying, abuse or emotional abandonment, you likely share many of the same symptoms. Even growing up with learning disorders, which makes you feel different than others and may include shame or resentment, can leave lasting affects of trauma. EFT Tapping works for this too, and often quite quickly.


Many of my clients are exasperated by the fact that they have worked on issues for years in therapy, and frustrated when they reoccur. There’s nothing wrong with talk therapy. It’s just that the amygdala, the oldest, pre-verbal part of the brain that houses trauma, doesn’t have words attached to it. This is why the somatic technique of EFT Tapping really shines. Tapping on the acupressure points sends signals to the amygdala, and new neural pathways are created, allowing clients to let go of and resolve these issues often in just a few sessions.


You don’t have to stay stuck.

If you are ready for change, contact Marjorie Favuzzi for a complimentary one hour session via Skype, Zoom, phone or at Success in Hand, in Santa Rosa. This offer is for new clients who want to try EFT Tapping as a way to let go, get relief, and move ahead.

ADD and Partner
Matrix ReImprinting Certification Seal

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is a powerful, higher level of EFT, which allows you to step into a memory and rework it to majorly shift your core beliefs.


Developed a few years ago by Karl Dawson in the UK, MR has become an enlivening and solution-oriented part of my practice. Here’s the basic idea:

When we experience a trauma, even if it’s fairly minor, a part of us splits off and the event is essentially encapsulated with everything that was seen, smelled, heard, and felt at the time of the event.  The encapsulation is a natural way to protect the mind, so that you never fully experience the trauma—it’s held separate from your physical body, so that you are able to function.  But the trauma is unresolved and it plays in the background of the brain. And because each thought and action is filtered through the subconscious, the held traumas truly inform and affect your perspective, even though you may not consciously remember the event. I liken it to having smudgy glasses on, which definitely affects your view, but they’ve been there so long that you don’t even know they are there.


That encapsulated version of you, called the ECHO (energetic consciousness hologram), never stops experiencing the trauma. It actively replays endlessly as if it is still happening, because the brain believes that all time is happening at once. The brain doesn’t know that this event is over. The brain believes that everything you are thinking about is happening right now. For instance, when you think about an embarrassing event that happened years ago, and find yourself blushing, the brain is sending down the chemicals to make you blush – even though that is not happening now at all. The brain keeps this trauma at the ready, because it thinks you may need the lesson you learned from it. However, this compounds the current situation and it is very hard to differentiate your PTSD from the past from the current overwhelm or trauma.

Your ECHO might be your former traumatized child self, or it may be an adult ECHO from a more recent trauma.  The brain holds the ECHO as being real, with its own awareness, fears, and opinions. You can ask it questions and get real answers. Answers that sometimes surprise the adult self!


Matrix Re-Imprinting

In the Matrix Reimprinting process, the practitioner helps you step into a memory, where we make the situation very safe by freezing everything that is going on. You will meet your ECHO and find out what he/she is thinking and feeling. You think you know, but sometimes there are surprises. Most crucially, you find out what belief or decision did the Echo make about life and itself from having this experience? Usually there is a core truth, such as “I can never trust anyone, I have to do this alone.” Or “No matter how hard I try, I’m never good enough.”

The practitioner then leads you to tap on the Echo, while reassuring it that you are there to help and shielding it from further harm. You may get answers to questions and even find out new information.


Clear Generations of Trauma

The possibility to do a generational clearing is unique to this modality. Imagine how much compassion for self and others can take place when we truly understand, from an adult perspective, the forces at play during that time. This is not to say that specific traumas should be forgiven, that choice is entirely up to you, and you are in control during the entire process.

Together we empower the Echo to change the memory. Once the trauma is discharged, when the Echo feels happy, safe, and very powerful, you are lead to imprint a new memory in your brain, body and heart, then send it out into the matrix of the universe. This new memory becomes the dominant memory, changing the way you remember it, like a do-over for the brain. The brain now has some proof that it no longer needs to hold that “truth” and can untangle its web of false beliefs.



The most common comment I hear from clients is “This is very solution oriented!” It is indeed, as it is direct, to the root of the trauma and the belief that was ingrained. While is profoundly life changing, it is also quick, changing a memory in only one session. Often when one memory is changed, other similar memories fall in line as well, so that much trauma is cleared.


Click here to watch a video about the difference between EFT and Matrix ReImprinting.



Too much to do
Student overwhelmed by paper

Are you creatively wired? An out-of-the-box thinker? 


Perhaps you have creative idea syndrome, even though you don’t always act on them. You likely are brilliant, maybe even an entrepreneur, but also frequently overwhelmed, and frustrated as you impulsively jump from one project to the next. Yet, in this fast-paced, increasingly disconnected world, you are exactly what the world needs now.

I don’t like labels.

In fact, only cultures with compulsory education label people with terms such as ADD/ADHD. In a tribal or agrarian society, your natural talents would be celebrated and become your valuable role in the community. Alas, most of you live in a label-oriented society, where your challenges are seen, where you may feel like you don’t fit in, and labels are all too common. If the label can give you insight into how your brain is wired, it can be useful.


The creatively-wired brain frequently experiences:

  • Overwhelm
  • Swirling thoughts
  • Multiple points of attention
  • Losing track of time
  • Procrastination
  • Impulsivity
  • Loss of focus
  • Loss of motivation
  • Memory impairment

It’s as if your brain is a world-class orchestra, with no conductor in the room to keep all the players in line. The conductor in the brain is the Executive Functions, which are supposed to take intentions and ideas, move them forward into strategies, then initiate action and follow-through to completion.

When the Executive Functions are not online, listening, communicating, relationships, time management, planning and follow through are neurologically compromised.


The Executive Functions coordinate:

  • the ability to organize thinking
  • the ability to shift thought patterns
  • the process of entering information into short-term memory
  • the ability to think and differentiate between emotional and logical responses
  • the ability to make a reasoned decision
  • the ability to set a goal and plan how to approach a goal

Although this demanding world can be overwhelming, and the challenges of being creatively wired may seem daunting, take heart!


Hope and help is available.

You can learn how to let go of the shame, embrace the strengths, and compassionately learn to navigate the challenges.

Using the Turning I Can’t Into I CAN!® you will be empowered with easy, proven tools, and techniques to navigate life and business successfully. It all starts with reaching out. Contact Marjorie for more information and you, too, can have Success in Hand.